Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee

Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee

writer, photographer, artist, chef

Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee is a writer, producer, photographer. A James Beard Award nominee, her client list includes Google, MGM Studios, Food+Wine, The Washington Post, Frommer's, KLM Airlines and more.

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Sizzler and the Search for the American Dream - Eater

Sizzler and the Search for the American Dream - Eat...

20160126 burmese tea leaf salad shutterstock 179907764 thumb 1500xauto 429518 article
Serious Eats

Mohinga and Fermented Tea Leaves: Eating on Location in Myanmar

After decades of enjoying Californian renditions of classic Burmese salads and curried soups, I was finally in Myanmar....

La dd 6 la restaurants with great banchan 20150105 article
Los Angeles Times

Six Koreatown restaurants with great banchan

Choosing restaurants that have the best banchan is almost as difficult as deciding whose mom makes the best kimchi. It all depends on personal preferences, tastes and biases....

La dd 6 favorite spots for taiwanese shaved ice 20140520 article
Los Angeles Times

It's hot out: 6 top spots for Taiwanese shaved ice

Some call it snow cream, fluff ice, milk fluff or milk snow. In Taiwanese, it's xue hua bing , which literally translates to "snow flower" (a.k.a. snowflake) ice. Whatever you call it, you will rejoice at the cool surprise of Taiwanese shaved ice, especially on a scorching Southern California day....

La dd pupusas los angeles 20150326 article
Los Angeles Times

Where to get pupusas in Los Angeles

Pupusas are El Salvador's answer to casual, cheap, easy eating. Handmade with masa or nixtamal, they're stuffed with your choice of filling, maybe cheese, chicharrón (shredded or ground pork), bean, loroco (a vine flower that tastes similar to squash blossoms) or a combination called revuelta or mixta . The flattened...

La dd soon dubu tofu los angeles 20150313 article
Los Angeles Times

Where to get soon dubu, Korea's one-pot meal, in L.A.

Soon dubu is the silken, uncurdled tofu found in the bubbling hot pots served in Korean restaurants worldwide. "Soon" means pure, and "dubu" is the Korean way of saying tofu. When Koreans say soon dubu , they're referring to the soon dubu jjigae (stew). The stew part is implied, since...

La dd where to eat south los angeles 20141117 article
Los Angeles Times

5 great places to eat in South L.A.

Some Angelenos don't venture east of La Brea. Similarly, many rarely make it south of the 10 Freeway. Those who head south of Rodeo Road on Crenshaw Boulevard are rewarded with smoky barbeque joints serving large helpings of greens and corn bread; island cuisine from Jamaica, Belize and other parts...

La dd nae go hyang handmade whole wheat noodles and dumplings in koreatown 20150112 article
Los Angeles Times

Nae Go Hyang: Handmade whole wheat noodles and dumplings in Koreatown

Name of restaurant: Nae Go Hyang. Korean translation: "My home town."...


Fusion Food Doesn't Really Exist | MUNCHIES

Fusion Food Doesn't Really Exist | MUNCHIES

La dd ktown food festival pg article
Los Angeles Times

Highlights from the KTown Night Market

A two-day festival in Koreatown featured dozens of food stalls and trucks....

La dd koreatown new bar scene 20140721 article
Los Angeles Times

5 bars to try in Koreatown's new drinking scene

Koreatown has been the place for late-night revelry and fashionable imbibing for years. Sure, the smoky bars full of ahjussis (middle-aged men) drinking rounds of Jinro can still be found hidden in the alleyways and mini-malls of K-Town. But the drinking landscape is becoming more cosmopolitan....

365370 article

Cactus Fruit Cocktails Recipe | Epicurious.com

Find the recipe for Cactus Fruit Cocktails and other tequila recipes at Epicurious.com...

Link frommers120x60 red article
Frommer's Dream Vacations

An Insider's Guide to Eating L.A.'s Koreatown

L.A. is home to some of the best Korean restaurants in the world, rivaling even those in Korea. Here are five traditional dishes and the best places to get each one....

La scouting report jang teo  bossam article
Los Angeles Times

Jang Teo Bossam for old-school pork wraps

Name: Jang Teo Bossam (although the small English on the sign outside reads “Jang Tuh Bossam”)...

La dd where to get freshly pressed sesame oil 20140825 article
Los Angeles Times

A best-kept Koreatown secret: Where to get freshly pressed sesame oil

Mr. Chong doesn't want me to tell you about his store (or even to tell me his first name). In fact, he doesn't want you to come at all....